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Who is Miles Rice?

  With over 10 years of professional experience on stage, in front of and behind the camera, Miles Rice has found that his place isn't always in the spotlight.


"I don't fall into the category of actor's who have to be in the spotlight but rather into the category of storyteller. A storyteller who knows the importance of helping tell the story in the best way possible and leaving my ego at the door.

  No matter the form of storytelling there are many moving parts that can't exist without the other but have to remain in their place for the machine to operate. I believe it's my responsibility to the story and everyone else in the room to know my role and how I can help the machine i.e. story be the best it can be. Whether it's acting in a film, voicing a character in animation or advertisement; it is a collaboration and I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project."

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